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Give us Drinking Water.

Rev.T.Dass. started this conversation

We have an open well, 52 deep; in Bethel campus and it dried up. our campus is on a small up-hill and the only alternative is to sink a deep "Tube Well" up to 650 feet deep. This will cost us about 2000$. And then we have to fix a "Submersible jet pumb" to draw water for our use. This will be 1250$. In total our need is $.3,250, which is very urgent. Our KIds in the Orphanage should go to school 1.5 K.M away and to give them food in the morning and the lunch in their boxes is of great difficulty, apart from their washing cloths, bathing and toilet and washing of dishes and vessels.
I do not have pay Pal account and other things. You can contibute in the name of Bethel and we will be promt in issuing an official receipt. Contact me
God Bless you!

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